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Under a spreading chestnut-tree
The village smithy stands;
The smith, a mighty man is he,
With large and sinewy hands;
And the muscles of his brawny arms
Are strong as iron bands.

His hair is crisp and black, and long,
His face is like the tan;
His brow is wet with honest sweat,
He earns whate'er he can,
And looks the whole world in the face,
For he owes not any man.
  • March 29, 2000
Happy Birthday to me!

fair day at work. john only made little changes, some stuff to make my code nicer, actually. he said he was interested in ai for game logic. he's interested in writing games.

party after work. the parents. the gas tank was low, and we had to at last minute get it changed to grill the steaks. there was mike, and doug and the other babian family (julie, edgar, nathan and daniel) i helped julie type up some report, and when doug came he typed in the rest. bruce and dave were also here. lots of food. steaks and barbecued chicken and pork and beef ribs and sausage and corn and rice and brocoli casserole and a raw veggie tray with tomatoes and carrots and brocoli and cauliflower, and beans. and the cake was a black forest cake. i'm stuffed. i had some guinness too.

for presents i got bullets from mike, and a beaker cup from bruce and some tapes. mom gave me some shirts, and a gift certificate from old navy from the babians.

  • March 28, 2000
not a happy day. john didn't like the way i was doing stuff. and there might be some problem with it. and i had to rewrite a bunch of stuff because of some changes. and a post on cap got corrected. i said it took longer for sense signals to get from the foot as elsewhere. some guy said that everything is balanced out such that it comes in at the same time. i'm still not sure about that, though. dave sent me the calendar in some format i've never seen.

so i'm a little torn. i wrote off some message about mensa stuff, including that a few people said it would be bad to quit having speakers. along with other stuff, Aimee asks me who i talked to about it, and did anyone call about a place i suggested for temperance. i just don't really feel like answering. i don't really want to be mean, but i think i'd better just leave her alone. and it seemed a little bitchy. maybe i've had enough.

bob lewis showed up at the door to the camel, but wouldn't come in when he saw david norris. it was kind of heartbreaking. the la mensa has like 5 times the people as us, but more than 5 times the events. i'm thinking i can have mapquest links to the locations of the events.

  • March 26, 2000
i forgot about it, but i wanted to write about it. on the X-files last week, scully opened her blouse to check a recorder, and they showed a little areola. it's the kind of thing they don't do by accident. and really kind of subtle, but i thought it was surprisingly intimate.

i went to MidsouthCon 18, the science fiction convention. i saw brad and joey, and roy, and a guy allan gilbreath i saw at new horizons. and some guy that ran linux. but it really wasn't my kind of place. lots of writers. i saw someone get a bejoran nosepiece put on. roy is still where he was. he's hanging out with sca folk. roy talked about putting on armor and beating each other with rattan. i went by the park and look at a little, but it didn't seem very rigorous. padding. pfft. i imagine that the old medieval warriors weren't in very good shape by modern standards. they just had enough money to afford armor and weapons. these guys might have fit right in for all i know. i need to do more of that ninja stuff. roy hangs with some cute chicks, but they all seemed paired off. there was one chick at the convention, a little heavy maybe, but had the shorts and a chain mail bikini top. i flirted with her from across the room a little. she was wearing vampire fangs. i watched some of the games but didn't play. some talks about books. there was another girl who was with the local gaming club. glurp or something. she was just sitting there quitely by herself drawing.

so i officially make aimee uncomforable. uh oh. news to me.

roy asked me how the ai was going. i really need to work on it. cap mentioned a web site for a conference in birmingham england in april that dr. franklin is going to. the site has most of the actual papers online (eventually all of them). what a wonderful world of internet access.

good cop, insane cop on the x-files this week. scully is such a babe.

i went to get my tires rotated at sears and then went shopping. talk about your candy stores. i need to get new speakers, a cd player for my car, a new digital camera. well, maybe my camera is fine because high resolution isn't so good for the internet. and i have an unused speaker sitting in the closet. if we're going play beatles music at the party on the 9th, i really should try to work on the sound, though. a car cd player really would be nice, though, and maybe i would start burning my own.

  • March 23, 2000
and her name was cassandra

like, extremely nothing is happening

i feel like such a drone

there sure are a lot of cuties working at Fedex, though.

Robert was talking about running. if you're less that 30 miles per week, you're not a runner, you're a jogger. they were talking about losing weight, he said when he ran he went from 180 to 140 while eating a lot. a mentioned reduced calories, and he admitted it was the only thing shown to correlate with longer life, but it wasn't as important as quality. running gives you endorphines and a better mood, then i said it was like smoking, but he said that was just wrong. smokers know it's destructive, and running just feels good. but it doesn't seem that either is optimal. i really should get more exercise, though. clearly you should have some, but it seems that at some point, more must shorten you're life as you wear yourself out. the endorphines are pain killers because you are grinding yourself up.

also, Robert said that he had been addicted to smoking and running. some people are just obsessive. and i was thinking Aimee used to smoke and now runs. and she's kind of a computer person. somehow robert said that running is not boring, after you get into shape such that you aren't oout of breath and have the right shoes and everything.

  • March 22, 2000
man that was chilling. the radio just now this morning clicked on and bad dog said that that killer to be executed had given up his humanity when he killed that girl. that dehumanizing of the enemy has been used too often to justify so many atrocities that i can kind of see respecting non-human animals just so that's not an excuse. but really i am largely opposed to animal rights because we need to take care of ourselves first before worrying about others.

and Aimee told me something sad. she was interviewed to be in a magazine article, and she talked about it a little in the newsletter, but it turns out that there was some friction between the writer and the magazine and it didn't get in. but the sad thing was that she had said that the thing she learned was not to trust what people say.

  • March 05, 2000
kind of a blah day. reading lots of newsgroup stuff on cap. maybe there isn't such a thing as consciousness. an abstraction without basis.

Waylaid aimee on aol. she didn't respond this time.

washing clothes. i may have to iron. i've never ironed before.

  • March 02, 2000
had a nasty dream. i was eating pieces of sheet metal. and i knew it was hurting me but i just kept doing it, i wasn't sure why.

i've been thinking about getting an MBA. learn about business and such. but i was looking at the CBU program, and the degree is 30 hours, but the prerequisites are like 15 hours. that's no fair.

The happiness I get from Aimee is something i bring to it, and she is merely an excuse for me to release it.

no good deed goes unpunished

it seems like there are a lot of happy people these days. tim is really happy, jolly.