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The secret to success with computers is simplicity.
I started off just jotting down some ideas.  That's been years ago. When i got a web page, i figured i'd show off my java stuff, being a programmer, and at that time looking for work. I had huge amounts of free time, and i had missed out on all that writing stuff in college so i started a journal , which contains stories (the basic human art), philosophy, whining, and the occasional poem. Thanks to a digital camera, i have been adding pictures, and i hope some day to think like a photographer. Like everyone else, i have accumulated links. I was a valedictorian in high school and i wrote some poems back then. I have gone back to graduate school, so i should be able to get some kind of good job. My original page did help me to get a job, but that fell through a while back. Now i have my resume up again and i'm trying to get myself to look. What's it gonna take?
Happiness calls.

Andrew Babian <>