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  • June 2, 2018
It's been over a year since I wrote anything here. Melissa quit working at Bardog and drove away with a camper. She came back to work for a couple weeks and I saw her one Sunday a few weeks ago. Still not working, but my disablity is up for review so I may be losing it. Too much time on Facebook.

My mom sold the house at the farm. We still have the cottage at the lake and a month ago we went up there for a week. We didn't have water for a couple of days because I switched the circuit breaker the wrong way. We hauled water from the neighbor's well. Much of the stuff from the house we stored in a container sitting by the road, incuding the riding lawn mower and the gator (a small utility vehicle). It's a pain to open and close the container, but with a lot of kicking, I managed it.

The garden here in Memphis is getting pretty big: six tomato plants, six pepper plants, four plots of squash plants, one cucumber (the other didn't come up), and a line of okra. The neighbot cut down their trees so we have a lot more light, plus we cut down a big elm, so it should do better.

Mom is in California at Freddie's house. His son Aaron just graduated from high school.