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  • November 5, 2015
I've mostly just lost interest in writing. I'm not even writing on Facebook anymore, either. The keyboard on this computer doesn't work so well. But the money from disability has increased. And I've had cataract surgery, so I can see better now, though I have to wear glasses to see up close. I see Melissa only about once a month now, and I don't really see anyone else, except at kung fu. Mom comes in for a couple weeks at a time. Pretty soon she'll come for the winter. I mostly just play solitaire and listen to youtube videos. And I haven't been reading anything. Just a boring life.

  • March 29, 2015
It's my birthday! Happy Birthday to me!

I've really let my journal slide. It was June since I last updated it. But I just saw a Nova episode that said writing in a journal can keep you from choking in a high preessure situation, so I decided to revive it.

I'm on SSI disability, so I have time. The keyboard om this computer sticks, so it's not so easy to write. not much to say. Too much Facebook.